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Music at Home

Websites with Games, Activities, Videos

Piano Playing Resource

Arm & Wrist Positioning, Playing Resources

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music


(There is an app, but it isn't free)

Carnegie Hall

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

PBS Kids

Music Games

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

Check out 'Listen and Learn' or 'Activities'

Perfect Pitch

Baseball Music Game

The Music Podcast for Kids

Composers for Kids

PreK-2nd Grade

Isle of Tune

2nd Grade-Up

Rhythm Trainer

Brain Pop


Piano Puppet

Global Jukebox

(Need to create free login)

Google Chrome Music Lab

Song Maker

Berlin Philharmonic

Digital Concert Hall

Music Tech Teacher Games

Music K8

Fun Stuff

Interactive Orchestra

52 Instruments to Make at Home

Go Classical for Kids

Yamaha Music Games

Tone Savvy

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Music Games

Drum Machine

Arts Alive

Classical MPR for Kids

Beethoven's Jukebox

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